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This page has the most recent news related to this site stored here.

The Pinger Update - 7th December 2006

More new features and changes to The Pinger have been added. More work to do with The Pinger is planned, but if you have any ideas or requests, please contact us by going to the contact page here.

The Pinger Update - 17th September 2006

A feature has been requested by ServerTweak Networks and so has been added to The Pinger. Also a quick tidy up of the coding was required. If anyone has any feature requests, feel free to contact us.

Lock Check - 19th August 2006

Things have been a little quiet here lately, but we managed to find time to release another product to the public. This time a program that checks if a user has locked their computer and writes the information to the registry.

The Pinger Relased - 3rd November 2005

After almost a year of releasing no publically available scripts today we released The Pinger. The brand new ping script from Shield Tech. It is based in PHP and uses the OS to ping systems that are specified in a database controlled by the Admin Control Panel. Click here to go to the page containing more information and the download links of The Pinger. Please enjoy this brand new product and feel free to submit new ideas for The Pinger by contacting us in any of the ways found here.

First Affilliate Added - 2nd January 2005

Today Rowan Shield Technologies added HotScripts as an affilliate on this site. By clicking on the button our scripts that are listed on the site get more points and move up the ranks, so please help us by just clicking one little link! If you'd also like to become an affilliate simply go to the contact page here and let us know.

One more product released - 23rd December 2004

Today Rowan Shield Technologies released yet another product for people to download. The User Counter is a simple set of scripts that count how many people have visited a site, but it has alot of user settable options. The User Counter took Rowan Shield only a few ohurs to make, but had heaps of bugs! It is now finished. You can click here to go to the page on the User Counter containing more information and the download links. There are still many projects to come.

Rowan Shield Technologies is Looking for Staff members! - 22nd December 2004

Today we have opened the invitation for anyone who wants to become a staff member to apply either by contacting us by going to the contact page here, or by going to the forum and posting or sending a Personal Message to alien.

One Product released for download - 21st December 2004

Today Rowan Shield Technologies released System Optimiser to the public for download. It has been sitting around on Rowan Shield's computer for a few months, and just had a touch up and realeased. It is a fun joke or prank to pull on someone! And the answer to the question is that yes there are more products still in the pipeline!

Two Products released for download - 19th December 2004

Today Rowan Shield Technologies released two products to the public:
  • URL Redirector

  • and
  • MD5 Encrypter

  • More information on each product can be found by clicking their name above or going to the products page and clicing their name in there. This has also means that there is now a support section in the forum created today, but support is still available by e-mail for now. And if you are wondering if there are any more ideas in the pipeline the answer is YES, but if you'd specifically like to have aproduct simply e-mail us.

    Site Started - 14th December 2004

    Rowan Shield Technologies was finally officially opened and put onto the Internet. Within a few days we expect the first products to be realeased, and within a few weeks we expect the first service to become available.

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    The Pinger Update

    The Pinger Update

    Lock Check

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